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How to Integrate Stripe with your Form

How to Integrate Stripe with your Form

Collecting credit card payments is hard for startups and small businesses on the web. You need to apply for a merchant account, make sure your servers are PCI compliant, implement credit card sanity checks and write server side code to integrate with a service such as These things can take weeks and cause a lot of headaches.
Your other option is to use a payment gateway such as PayPal or Google Checkout. The problem with those options is that they don't look very professional, and you do not have much control over the process.
Stripe is one of the most disruptive companies of 2012. They turned this very painful task of collecting credit card payments into a matter of copy & paste.
How did they accomplish this? How can you collect payments on your pages without worrying about merchant accounts and PCI compliance for your servers? The answer is something called stripe.js. It's basically a small javascript library that connects your web page to Stripe's web servers. The data is never sent to your own servers. This makes it so powerful. You don’t have to worry about the server side.
You can now create professional looking credit card payment forms in minutes. Using JotForm’s Stripe integration you can create one time payment formsdonation forms, and even recurring billing forms

How to Integrate Your Form with Stripe
1. First, open your form on the Form Builder. Then, open Payment Tools toolbox on the left side and drag and drop Stripe to your form. 

2. On the Integration wizard, click on Connect with Stripe. You can click on Additional Gateway Settings to customize the integration even better.


3. Once you are connected, you can choose what you want to sell. Is this a service or a product? Is this going to be for single payment product(s) or recurring payments for a subscription? Or, are you going to collect donations? Do you want to Create a Customer after Submission or Charge Customer Immediately? You might want to choose the type of decimal separator. Do you want to let your user choose multiple products?


4. Next, enter your products.  You have the option to create Coupons, establish a Shipping Fee or Tax.

5. All set. You can now test your form and start selling your products. Give it a try and let us know how it turns out in the comments below.  

Here are some example forms:
View Form          Clone Form
View Form          Clone Form
View Form          Clone Form
Stripe’s rates are great: They charge 2.9% of your transaction fee plus 30 cents per transaction. No setup fees, no monthly fees, no card storage fees, no hidden costs: you only get charged when you earn money.
One downside is that Stripe is currently only available in the United States and Canada. But, they are working on providing their service in other countries as well. If Stripe is not available in your country yet, you can make a request for your country

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  • aktour

    What if I want to have a blank field that the customer can fill in any amount such as for a donation? Is this possible?

  • c.sankar

    Am not clear with the steps on how to implement stipe on my website.Can I contact someone for a quick response?

  • bigpicturecomp

    I have set this up where people are paying to upload 3 attachment images to my dropbox account. In sandbox mode, all looks good except that the attachments do not get sent to dropbox. Am I missing something?

  • edwin

    Hi there,
    what about the secret token and all that?? do we still need to do that?
    or the money will be direclty transfered trough jotform??

  • Johnjfh

    I have my STRIPE account. I have tried to get a JotForm to work with STRIPE CONNECT and API keys from STRIPE: no luck at all in getting any of this to function, sadly, it did look too easy to be real. Yet I do see one of you has had success.

  • townhouse

    is there anyway of changing the text were is says 'Credit card' to 'Credit or debit card'?

  • shervink

    This is a great tool but I have found when I add the set-up fee plus regular payment option I get an error. If I do not set that up and only have the monthly subscription fee there is no error. Thanks.

  • nwadb

    Ah, I see it here:

    I responded to that thread and see.

  • nwadb

    What about stripe emailing the customers receipts? I noticed on the stripe account, customers can get email receipts. However, I noticed that JotForm did not include email address option along with billing address option in the stripe integration set up.

    When can we have this? Any work around in the mean time?

  • artbusiness

    Using your Stripe integration in forms, do I still need to insert "stripe.js" to my website?

  • AssNLegs

    Greetings! ~ What are pros & cons of using Stripe Connect vs. entering the API keys manually?

  • thepulsiphyer

    I have used this tool and it has been incredibly helpful so far.. choreo, if you go to and set up an account and connect it with you bank account it works seamlessly with JotForm to enable things like subscriptions and payments

  • guest_30132830145037

    Does this require an ssl certificate on the page the form will be integrated into? Or https?

  • guest_30132830145037

    Does this create customers in Stripe?

  • choreo

    Do I apply for the Stripe account for my various clients or does each client set up their own account and then send me their information to integrate it? I assume these Stipe Accounts will have confidential information such as the bank account to deposit into, so I guess it will be up to each client to set up their own account?

  • bduffus

    I am a US resident currently establishing a business in Jamaica. I operate bank accounts in the US. Would STRIPE be available to me, with my IP address recorded as being in JAMAICA? How can I overcome this anomaly?

  • mogadmin

    Interested in this... can I find more specific info... and can we have the person tell us WHERE they want their donation to go, such as which fund, team member, etc.?