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How to Set up PayPal Along with Other Payment Options

How to Set up PayPal Along with Other Payment Options

It's great having a PayPal payment integration built right into JotForm, but what if you want to give your customers other payment options such as paying by check?

Let's start by building the form. 

1. Use the Single Choice Field (radio button) to setup your payment options field. Then set this field as Required.

Example: Payment options added are PayPal and Check

To setup the Check option, just use a Text Field and place any relevant information on what the user needs to do to complete the payment.

And for the PayPal option, you can use PayPal Pro or just PayPal (standard) from the Payment Fields.

2. After that, setup a SHOW/HIDE FIELD Condition to show the respective field based on the user's answer whether they want to pay via PayPal or Check. Here's how:

  a. Click SETTINGS at the top

  b. CONDITIONS on the left

  c. Select the SHOW/HIDE FIELD Condition

  d. The general logic is to show the respective field, based on the user's selection so you need to setup 2 conditions for each instance:

    IF Payment Options IS EQUAL TO PayPal THEN SHOW the PayPal Field

    IF Payment Options IS EQUAL TO Check THEN SHOW the Text Field

Condition to show the PayPal payment field:

Condition to show the Check text field:

You can also add more payment options not just check for as long as it's an offline payment. Please be informed that you can only use 1 payment tool per form.


Here's how it works:

When you select Check on the payment option field and submit the form, it will be submitted right away.

When you select PayPal on the payment option field and submit the form, it would redirect to PayPal's checkout page where you need to complete the payment.

Another alternative option is to redirect users to a different form URL based on the selected payment method.

Related guide: Change Thank You Page URL Based on a Condition

For questions, please let us know below!

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  • JaneDoD

    I have completed my form and so far its been fantastic but I can't get the form to work when I add other payment methods. I followed the online help and the payment options now show up on the form but I can't get the menu item for paypal to appear on my form they refer to in the help where it says "This will appear on the form . Click here to hide instead". Please could you let me know where I am going wrong ? Thanks

  • District84

    Perfect! Thank you!

  • allylindberg

    I also cannot get my "other payment options" to work. Everything gets redirected to paypal!
    Thanks for your help!

  • SSNA

    Hope someone can help. I cannot get the fields to show??

  • limmudatl

    My form includes multiple purchasing options, which requires the view of a final subtotal based on what is being purchased in order to see the total amount owed. How can people who are using my form but are paying by check or over the phone be able to see what their sub-total is for the amount they owe and still submit their form if not paying with a credit card?

  • GentlemenSongsters

    I understand the concept, but I am missing something, as mine too is also always advancing to paypal, irrespective of the solution. It is because I am using multiple items with Paypal, so the paypal choice has already been made?

  • Alain

    Many thanks, very usefull but
    By me it doesn't work correctly. I I select 'by check' the field 'PayPal' is hide but I'm all the same redirected to the PayPal page.
    Thanks for your help

  • SWCTchapter

    what if your payment option is a coupon code for 100% off. Do i add this as a payment option i.e. member coupon and in the payment add the coupon???

  • VOMIChairman

    AWESOME! Extremely easy to follow instructions. You are a lifesaver.

  • xsail

    I independently have done as suggested too, and it used to work last week...and now it doesn't work any more - I'm very puzzled??

  • Felix Somm

    I tried to setup different payment methods, but independent of the selected method, the form is always redirecting to paypal

    Can you help?

    Best Regards, Felix

  • sjakubik

    UROCK. This is awesome, thank you!

  • dejamour

    My submit button works when PayPal is selected, but not when Chéque is selected. I followed your suggestions to the "T". Can you help me please?

    Here it is online:


  • beyondtiles

    can not see conditions wizard on the form?

  • heavenlytouch

    I think this is great and love the way it made my form look so professional.

  • powerof2youthcamp

    I did what you said but for some reason my submit button has disappeared. It shows until i put it online and then it is gone.

  • TerryVeiga


    Can you please provide a working link to the sample form you mentioned above?

    Thank you very much,

  • atlastur

    I need help about it I can not do it . Please help

  • ctabor1

    I'm not sure I understand the "why" of creating a dummy Free field with Paypal... can you explain?

  • YESTexas

    This was exactly what I needed, thanks!!