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How to View Form Revision History

How to View Form Revision History

UPDATE: With V4, it's now easier to view your Revision History.

Just click the green circular arrow below the Form Name to launch the Revision History wizard.

Form Revision History makes it possible for you to review older versions of your forms and when necessary, revert your form back to an older version. It is a big time saver. You can now work faster without worrying about messing your forms. If a form is broken simply travel back to a time in which your form worked properly.

How to View Form Revision History

1. Go to the MY FORMS page and select the form.

2. Click the MORE ▼ button.

3. Select the REVISION HISTORY option.

4. On the left side, you will see a list of revisions for your form.

Browse the versions on the left nav and review the changes by clicking on a version on the left side. The middle frame shows a preview of your form and the right side has a list of changes you have done on that version. Click the REVERT TO THIS VERSION button to bring back the old changes.

Having troubles using this function? Please let us know in the comment box below or post it to our support forum.

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  • kimberlyparis

    Yes, please if you could help me that would be great. What I did was use one of the online employment application templates - which I used the fields but updated the titles, deleted fields, added fields, etc. to make the form fit my needs. Yikes, now the submitted form I receive indicates that it is for a Salon and the fields are not updated -- an example is that I changed references to Emergency contacts and I changed resume submission to uploading health permits and business licenses. The form online looks great but it is very confusing for me when I get the submitted form document.
    Not sure how to fix this so I thought I would see what your advice would be on this.

    Thank you so much for our guidance. (: Sincerely, Kimberly