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How to Save a Form

How to Save a Form

A lot of you may not realize it right away but normally your forms are saved automatically almost immediately after you update them. But what happens if you forgot to click Finish, or Complete, or Update, or even worse the Save Button? Perhaps in the mix of this you are not even sure if your Form and details saved because the Save Button didn't change?

Well, here are a few precautionary steps you can take to ensure and make sure that your form is being Saved properly.

Step 1 - After making any changes or additions to your form make sure that the Auto-Save has been taken affect. You will see three "green dots" indicating that the form builder is saving the changes. Note that once the changes are saved, the dots will be replaced with a text that says "All changes saved!".

Saving Process:

Changes are saved:

By default, Auto-Save is enabled and will usually automatically save your form for you almost immediately after you make changes or updates to them. It will also kick in and save it after about 30+ seconds in case it didn't occur right away at first. 

Step 2 - It is also a good rule of thumb to make sure that anytime you are using any of the Visual Editors such as the Email Notification Editor or the Html Editor that you click "Finish", "Complete", "Update", or "Save" wherever and whenever you see them after you've made changes, additions, or updates to your Form. This will allow them to be saved appropriately.

Text (HTML) Field:

If you follow these 2 Steps it can help you to ensure that your form has been saved properly.

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  • Edwards1000

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  • JennieLindell

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    After making and update, Do I need to copy and paste the code with the new updates into my website?

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