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Understanding Different Form Errors

Understanding Different Form Errors

There are many kinds of form errors you may be purposely encountered in JotForm. This form error entails different meanings. Below is a list of form errors and their meanings.

1. 404 Not Found - Websites can typically be configured to display a customized error page, including a more natural description, meaning or site's branding. The image above is a customized 404  error by JotForm. This shows when users attempt to follow or enter a broken link. Please review the link and verify its existence.

2. Invalid Form URL - This means the form is viewed in an incorrect JotForm Domain. We have implemented a domain separation rule. Depending on what country you are in, there will be an assigned separate domain name to you. (i.e., Any forms created will only work on that domain. If you'll attempt to view your forms using different domains, the error above will show up. Clicking the link below it should redirect you to the correct form URL.

3. Form not found (Disabled by the owner) - This shows when the form is disabled or deleted. If you are a form submitter, you have to contact the form owner and ask to enable the form. However, if you are the form owner please check this guide to learn how to enable back the form.

4. Form not found (Form is disabled) - This means the form was suspended for violating our Terms of Use. It is always advisable to read every single terms to avoid unnecessary problems. If you're the form owner, contact Jotform Support and explain the purpose of your form for your assistance.

5. Only one entry is allowed - This is called Unique Submissions. When a strict check or loose check is enabled on the form,  form users can only submit one entry. Meaning multiple submissions is disabled on the form. To learn more about Unique Submissions, please check this article.

6. Form over quota - As explained in the error message, the form has passed it's allocated quota and cannot be used at the moment. This error appears when you reached your submissions limit allocated for the month. The form will not be able to accept submissions any longer when you passed the submissions limit. It's either you wait until your submissions counter resets to zero which happens every first day of the following month or upgrade to any of the available paid plans to increase your submissions limits and enable all your forms right away. Every Jotform plan has its monthly submissions limit. See our pricing page for more details.

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