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  • Forms are boring. Nobody says “I wish I made more forms” on their death bed. That’s where JotForm comes in and saves the day. Spend your time with family, friends and fun stuff, not with forms. :) 

    JotForm’s mission is to be quickest way to create web forms. In our early days we had the tagline “Easiest Form Builder.” Today, the bar is higher. Our mission is the save you time. Here are some of the tools and ideas we came up with to help you save time.

    1) Form Templates
    2) Every Form Should Be As Simple As Possible, But Not Simpler
    3) Clone Form
    4) “Duplicate Fields” on Form Builder
    5) “Manage Fields” on Form Builder
    6) Field Manager App
    7) Configurable List Widget

  • PayPal is the most popular payment gateway on JotForm. We help our users process over 5 million dollars in transactions every month using PayPal.  Today, we are excited to announce a new option for payment forms: PayPal Express Checkout.

    paypal express checkout

    Why should you prefer PayPal Express Checkout?
    The best way to increase conversion rates is to make the checkout process as simple as possible. PayPal Express Checkout helps you with that. Instead of redirecting users to PayPal's site, a small pop-up with a PayPal login form launches, the user completes the payment quickly and submits the form. Payment can be done in a single step. Quick and easy for your users, and more revenue for you! :)   

    PayPal Express Checkout Popup
  • JotForm is amazingly customizable. We wanted to showcase it. So, our team has created some great looking form templates. We have added 50 new templates in the last 3 months. They all have original designs. Today, I’d like to share some of my favorites with you. 

    Appointment Request Form
    This is a simple form but I love the typography and the simplicity. 

    Appointment Request Form - White and Responsive

  • One of the first things that every web site should do is to build and maintain a mailing list. JotForm is an easy way to create sign-up forms and start building your list. The problem for many marketers is what do they do next. Obviously, you need to start interacting with your list and begin telling them about all the products and services you offer and all the ways you can help them. But the difficulty often arises, how can you easily manage emails on your lists? As your list continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everything that you need to remember about your list members. Well, there is now a solution: JotForm integration with INinbox.

  • We have a great news! If you have a Facebook page you can now use our new JotForm Tab Facebook app to embed a form on your Facebook page.

  • ClinchPad is a modern CRM system which unlike traditional CRM software focuses on deals rather than contacts. Its main focus is on managing your sales pipeline through an intuitive visual interface. It is targeted at small teams who need something simple to manage their business leads rather than large sales teams.

    sales pipeline view
    Screenshot of ClinchPad’s home screen
  • Today, we are happy to announce that Daily Digest service is now out of beta. We have perfected the daily digest emails with the help of 100 JotForm users. Here is a screenshot of a digest email:

    daily digest for form submissions
  • We are excited to announce our new Form Calculation Widget, an amazingly powerful math engine for your forms. We've worked together with many JotForm users to find the perfect set of calculation features to make this widget easy, fun and powerful.

    So, if you are looking to introduce simple additions/subtractions to your forms or even advanced mathematical equations this widget is exactly what need.

  • I am excited about the growth we have been seeing with Form Templates. It has turned out to be the greatest addition we've made to JotForm. We released it almost two years ago and the usage numbers are staggering. 

    People have shared 5,000 forms on Form Templates. And, those templates were used 640,000 times to create new forms. We did some experiments comparing the amount of time it takes to create forms from scratch versus using templates. Creating forms using form templates saves about 10 minutes for each form. So, according to our estimates, Form Templates have saved our users over 100,000 hours

    form templates infographic
  • It is one of the worst feelings. Spending hours on a document and suddenly losing it all. We all have horror stories. We chalk it up as a learning experience and move on. That's actually a good way to learn to save our work and keep regular backups.

    On a personal level, I re-live this feeling pretty much once every week. I read a message from a JotForm user who lost her work. Sometimes it is our fault and sometimes it is just bad luck. Whatever the reason is, I just can't get rid of the feeling of guilt when someone loses her work on JotForm. That’s why we had to do something about it.

    Today, we are excited to introduce Form Revision History: Review your recent changes and revert your form back to an older version.

  • jotText is an SMS service for your JotForm forms. jotText can send text notifications to you when someone completes one of your forms. It can also help you create marketing campaigns for your customers.

  • Leftronic is a web based service that allows you to create real-time dashboards for your  business or organization. We are excited to announce that Leftronic has just added integration with JotForm

  • Today, we are releasing JotForm Form Widgets. What is a form widget? It is basically a field you can add to your form. It could be a youtube video or a drawing board. Widgets let you create better forms with less effort.

    Form Widgets
  • We’ve just released a translation tool for your forms to help you reach a global audience much better. It will help your visitors control the form language which in return, bring you higher conversion and satisfaction rates. See the translator in action.

  • There are a million different ways to manage your form data. Here, at JotForm, we’ve listened to our community and feature requests to build many targeted data management apps. Now, let’s look at the top 10.

    data management apps
  • JotForm Apps

    Today, we are releasing JotForm Apps. A platform for software developers to showcase their apps made for JotForm users. What makes this announcement exciting is that we are releasing JotForm Apps with 100 ready-to-use apps. You will love them! 

  • We have some exciting news to share today!

    We have recently released an API to build apps for JotForm. We are now celebrating our new API with a competition for software developers. The grand prize is $5,000. 

  • Hello everyone! If you are a fan of Jeanette's weekly newsletter you probably already know that the JotForm Team has been kind of silent in the last month. Well, we have been busy improving our API and building real apps on top of it. 

  • We are excited to announce a new development on JotForm: You can now  send emails from your own email address. Simply setup your email account on JotForm and we will use your SMTP server to send emails.  

    Many of JotForm users create forms for their clients or organizations. Or, they send autoresponder emails to people who fill their forms. So, having no JotForm branding on these emails is very important for them. We respect that. That's why this is another step in the right direction. 
  • Webhook is a technique used to send HTTP POST notifications to a URL. They can be used to connect apps together or just send data. We are excited to release webhooks on JotForm. You can now get your form submissions posted to a URL.

    You can setup webhooks form your forms on the Form Builder and its nothing short of easy - see for yourself
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