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  • All over the world, JotForm users from over 61 countries fired up their computers, logged into JotForm, and set to work building and designing forms. They submitted their designs in hopes of winning a JotForm t-shirt so that they could be dressed to kill. On top of that whopping prize, they could receive the grand prize of $7,500 for the Best Form Design Award, as well as $500 for each additional category: Mobile Form, Best Survey, Best Contact Form, Best E-Commerce Form, Worst Form, and User’s Choice.

    Judges have been raving over the high-caliber forms that they have had the pleasure of rating. And now they’re cracking up over the forms that have gone to extraordinary lengths to be terrible. 
    Worst Form Award Badge
  • A simple math(ish) problem: what do you get when you take an advanced Form Designer and multiply it by hundreds of talented users? Answer: the greatest collection of form themes ever created. 

    Today is an exciting day at JotForm as we roll out our much-anticipated Theme Store, where users can buy and sell amazing form themes with incredible ease. It’s OK if you want intricate, beautiful, and functional forms but don’t feel like creating them. That’s why the Theme Store is here.

    JotForm Form Theme Store
  • One of the best kept secrets about JotForm is how easy it is to create an online store. Using any number of our payment integrations, customers can buy from your store in just a few simple clicks. And with the new Form Designer, now your store will look snazzier than ever.

    The Web Form Design Awards gave JotForm users a chance to show off their best E-Commerce Form with the chance at winning some serious prizes, including $500 along with many additional awards.

    We are pleased to announce, the Best E-Commerce Form Design Award goes to...
    best ecommerce form design award

  • Announcing the winners of the Web Form Design Awards is well underway, and we’ve already dished out prizes to the winners of the Best Mobile Form and Best Survey Form. Next up: Best Contact Form. 

    Contact forms are the most ubiquitous form type on the web, and for good reason. They are universal and essential to all websites. A huge bulk of our submissions were in this category, but our judges were able to select one that stood out above the rest.
    best contact form design
  • One of the most common uses of JotForm is to create surveys, where people can discover the thoughts and opinions of others. These long, often multi-page forms are essential to many company’s successes.

    Today we’re pleased to introduce the winner for Best Survey Design, who earns $500 along with many prizes from our sponsors.

  • The judges have tallied their votes and users have voted by sharing their favorite forms. Now comes the fun part: announcing of the winners of the Web Form Design Awards.
  • JotForm is about to release one of our most exciting features ever - The JotForm Theme Store. This will be a place where users can buy and sell their form designs among each other. Publish your forms to the Theme Store today!

    Publish your forms to the Theme Store today to be featured when the Theme Store is launched on Dec 15th!

  • Vote for Users Choice Award!

    December 06, 2014

    Vote for Users Choice Award!

    The submissions for the form design contest have just ended. Help us choose the winner of the Users Choice Award!

  • We recently needed a way to send an email to people who signed up for the form design contest. One of our developers quickly developed a cool app on top of the JotForm API. Today, we are excited to release this app to JotForm users. 

    JotForm Email Newsletters

    Yesterday, we used the new app for the first time to send an email to 2400 signups for  the design contest. It was a breeze. 
  • We wanted to take a minute to break from our usual form talk to tell you about a pretty stellar contest put on by our friends at TemplateMonster.

  • Helpful Forms for Thanksgiving

    November 21, 2014
     You are about to reunite with your friends and family for a food-coma filled Thanksgiving, so you want to get the details right. Hot cider is brewing, scarves can come out of the closet, and pumpkin spice lattes return to Starbucks. It is definitely the best time of the year! With JotForm's Form Designer, you can easily create a seasonally appropriate and fun forms and get all the essential information from your guests via email. Who's attending? Who can't make it? Who's bringing a date? How many kids are coming to wreck havoc?

  • The Form Design Awards are well under way. Sign-ups have been pouring in, followed by a healthy amount of final submissions. The Dec. 4 deadline is still weeks away though, leaving plenty of time to get involved. How can one be competitive? Here are some tips to help your form design stand out.

  • By now, you already know about the amazing prizes you get by winning one of the categories in the the Web Form Design Awards, including a hefty $7,500 for Best Form. 

    But our up and coming Form Theme Store is your way to make money for the long term. 

  • The web is no stranger to design contests. These can be great for designers to earn prizes and get their work noticed. We're launching a design contest to send 2014 out in style. Beyond having the upward potential of winning, there are numerous reasons to join the fun. Some might participate as an excuse to do a project for their portfolio. Others may be curious to see what all the excitement is about with our new Form Designer. Others still may have some spare time during the holidays. Here's a full list of reasons to submit your best form design in the JotForm Web Form Design Contest.

  • Today, we have some treats for you. Our team has created 5 really creepy form templates for Halloween. We hope you enjoy them, and use them on your site!

    Trick or Treat Signup Form

    Creepy fonts and moving hands, this particular form scared the shit out of anyone I have shown it to.

    Trick or Treat Signup Form

    View Form - View Template

  • At JotForm, we were so blown away by the forms being designed using our brand new Form Designer, that we thought: “Can these form designs honestly get any better?” 

    We were determined to find out; and so the Web Form Design Awards were born. 

    the web form design awards
  • JotForm Form Designer is a great tool to make awesome looking forms with a few clicks.

    Impress your users and website visitors with awesome looking forms, and dramatically increasing your form response rates. To make it easy to master the new Form Designer, we have prepared 10 short videos that will get you started.

  • The rumors are true. While you were sleeping and resting well, Team JotForm has been working hard, day and night in the last 6 months, to bring you an exciting new feature- the New JotForm Form Designer.

    JotForm Form Designer

    This ambitious project gives our users complete control of their form designs. Our previous form design options were limited to basic sizing, color selection, and font selection.
  • We are excited to announce that JotForm has partnered with to bring JotForm forms to 80 million blogs hosted on

    Adding a JotForm form to a blog post on is now as easy as placing [embed] tags around your form's URL within your post. 


  • Did you know that as many as 69% of the visitors to your form leave without completing it? And if you don’t have access to any meaningful form statistics it is virtually impossible to know exactly what triggers this desertion, or how to improve it.

    This is why we are excited to announce our integration with Formisimo - an easy to use form analytics tool, designed to track every visitor interaction with your forms, and give you advanced data and insights into their behaviour.

    Why use Formisimo?

    Formsimo will enable you to make informed decisions on exactly what to improve, cut out or change to improve your form conversions. You can see exactly where users struggle to complete your form, where they drop out, which fields they have to correct the most, how long it takes them to complete, and much more.

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