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  • Form creators should try to seek a delicate balance between collecting all of the needed information and making sure that the form visitor completes the form all the way through. To achieve the highest conversion rate possible, the form must be concise. Especially for more time-consuming and intensive forms, every form field that lacks an excellent user experience risks abandonment. Luckily, JotForm offers 382 widgets that can make your form better. Here are some highlighted widgets that can save you time. 

    JotForm calendar
  • Earth Day is a time for us to celebrate, recognize, reflect, and commit to preserving the planet that we all share. With billions of people on earth, lands and oceans teeming with flora and fauna, we need to respect our environment to keep our planet happy and healthy. During this week people join together to clean roads, ride bikes, plant trees, donate to environmental charities, switch to eco friendly lightbulbs, and help the environment in any number of other ways. What better way to facilitate these activities than with a form! Check out these eco-friendly forms made with our Form Designer.

    Donation Form For Simba!
  • It’s not every day you reach the millionth usage of something. That’s why we were so excited when we realized that in just 15 months JotForm widgets reached one million uses. These embeddable fields bring specialized features to your forms. They give you the ability to create image sliders, take photos, add YouTube videos, or collect signatures. With approaching 400 widgets to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

    form widgets 1 million infographic

  • We double-dog dare you to find an industry that relies on online forms more than higher education. OK, maybe that’s not necessary. But facts are facts: universities today run on online forms; now more than ever before.  

    Tens of thousands of course surveys, professor assessments, prospective student information requests, admission and scholarship applications, brochure downloads, enrollment forms, IT requests and donation forms are used every single day. Heck, even voting for the homecoming king and queen is a task made easier using online forms.

    So with that we thought we’d help out with some suggestions to help make your university’s online forms spectacular.

    University Admissions
  • Atlanta-based LYFE Marketing is the brainchild of a group of former Georgia State University students who saw an opportunity to help small businesses expand their social media presence. What started as a dream in 2011 has turned into a booming full-service marketing firm that has so far helped over 100 business nationwide.

    JotForm plays an important role in helping LYFE service businesses. When potential customers of their clients’ are curious to learn more information over social media, the company quantifies leads using a JotForm form, which automatically sends email notifications to their clients with a prospect’s pertinent information. JotForm helps LYFE help their clients. And it’s a beautiful thing.

    LYFE Co-Founder Sherman Standberry started the business with his brother and close friend, and took the time to tell us about his business, and how JotForm helps make it possible.

    Lyfe Marketing
  • Update- in early Oct 2015, the Safe Harbor construct was nullified. All US companies are affected by this. In response, JotForm is now offering its users the opportunity to transfer and store all their data exclusively in Europe. Please see our EU Safe Forms post for further details.

    JotForm users in Europe will be pleased to hear that we are now US-EU Safe Harbor certified. These important standards of the EU regulate the collection, use, and retention of personal information. We’ve always kept your data safe. Now we have the formalized credentials.

    JotForm Safe Harbor Certified
  • Nonprofits have an international presence of fighting to make the world a better place. Some are helping preserve clean air, water, and resources for generations to come. Others are helping to spread literacy, immunization, and occupational opportunities for the underprivileged. There are also local nonprofits that support your neighborhood parks and way of life. They could all use some extra support. JotForm helps nonprofits with all of their form needs.

    Beach Theme
  • We are pleased to announce a new partnership. Unbounce, industry leader in A/B test landing pages, has long provided a best-of-class service for optimizing user engagement and conversions. A large percentage of landing pages contain forms, from which our natural alliance was born.
    JotForm + Unbounce

  • Gary Ferrar knows a thing or two about showmanship. Located in the entertainment capital that is New York City, he brings smiles and bewilderment to kids, adults, multi-billion dollar corporations, and backyard barbecues alike with his awe-inspiring magic act.

    But the biggest rabbit he pulls out of his hat isn’t, well, any rabbit he pulls out of his hat. It’s the fact that he successfully books over 300 events a year (and manages to garner a five-star rating on Yelp! while doing it). Quite the impressive feat.

    Gary happens to use JotForm in a big way to keep his business going. So we decided to ask him a few questions about how his magical business runs, and where JotForm fits into his quest to be the best.

    Gary the Musician
  • Online forms serve important functions whether they’re used internally or for customer use. A well designed form can not only increase conversions, but they can contribute to the overall brand strategy. If a form is intuitive and easy to use, people may sign up for newsletters, contact the company, make a purchase, and submit data at a higher rate than if the form was poorly implemented. It hardly takes a second for a potential customer to hit the “x” and leave your form, website, or app. The key is to make your form effective with thoughtful design so you can get the information that you need without frustrating people to the point where they give up.

  • JotForm has long been a leading online form provider. The JotForm interface has hosted well over 6 million forms since our 2006 launch. Users embed them on their websites, Facebook pages, or just email them out. Sometimes they print them and take them to events for people to fill out with pen and paper. Other than that, JotForm hasn’t catered to users needing forms when internet connections are unavailable. Up until now.

    PDF Creator
  • Today we would like to tell you that our friends at TemplateMonster have an exciting offer for you. They're giving you the opportunity to win any templates from their collection for free!

    TemplateMonster Giveaway

    All you have to do is to go to their website, choose the theme you like the best and post a comment on this blog post with its number. Your comment may be as simple as this: “I like the theme #52830”. Or feel free to include the full link so everyone can see. The giveaway will be running through March 5, 2015, and after the deadline we will randomly choose 7 winners. See this post, comment, and win!

  • When Adobe announced they were shutting down FormsCentral, users flooded our support forums looking to JotForm to be their alternative form building service. News spread quickly through our virtual halls that the fifth largest competitor in online form building, was closing. So we did what any respectable online form builder would do: we built a welcoming page for soon-to-be displaced FormsCentral users. And there was much rejoicing. The migration path is simple: navigate to the FormsCentral welcoming page, enter your Adobe FormsCentral login information, and all your forms and form responses will be imported to your new JotForm account. 

    jotform imports 15,000 formscentral forms

    As of this writing we’ve imported upwards of 15,000 forms and 300,000 form responses, with many more coming in every day.

    FormsCentral Import Wizard

    Read on for more details on the process and how to import forms and form responses individually.

  • Due to popular demand JotForm has recently released a new version of our iOS App. Now our fellow JotForm users can check submissions from their forms wherever they are with ease!

    Available for download in the iTunes App Store:

  • When Adobe announced they were letting the sun set on FormsCentral, they were thoughtful enough to offer up just a couple alternatives that could pick up where they left of, including JotForm. We’re grateful to get the recommendation of Adobe, and we thought we’d expand on some reasons why JotForm is the perfect choice to replace Adobe’s soon-to-be defunct form builder.

  • Since the announcement of Adobe FormsCentral's retirement, we have worked closely with over 500 FormsCentral users to move them to JotForm. We took this job very seriously: we visually reviewed every single migrated form, sought feedback from our new users and improved our migration tool to the point of near perfection. 

    Today, we are excited to announce a new migration tool that can import all of your FormsCentral forms and form responses in a single step

    The path to migrating from FormsCentral to JotForm just got a whole lot easier, and better. Welcome to JotForm!

  • Adobe has announced that its form creation service, FormsCentral, is retiring on July 28, 2015. FormsCentral users, have no fear! JotForm is here to easily import your forms and help you make the switch to JotForm, your new alternative to FormsCentral. This will allow you to keep your form fields and data, so you can seamlessly transition without experiencing disruption.

    It only takes a minute to import your forms using our custom import tool

  • You don’t need us to tell you that perfecting the resume submission process can be a burdensome task. Do you risk putting your email on the company website? Or if you have a resume upload option, what happens when the job is filled and the development team doesn’t have the time to remove the post? Worse yet, what if you’re not getting enough applicants directed to the site in the first place?

    Job posting sites, like Craigslist, offer an easy option for gathering applicants, but it doesn’t solve the problem of actually collecting applications. You need a form for that.

    Standout Resume Submission

    It is the moment that we all have been waiting for... the announcement of the Best Form Design Award! 

    The Best Form Design is the capstone of the Web Form Design Awards. This single winner stands above the many form design contestants. They exhibited creativity and unprecedented proficiency in using our new Form Designer, to make a stunning form creation. JotForm users from around the world competed in their thoughtful and diligent designs, in the hopes of a prize. This prize. The Best Form Design Award. 

    Without further ado, we'd like to announce the winner of the Web Form Design Awards....

  • Users Choice Award Goes To...

    December 17, 2014
    One of the most anticipated awards in the Web Form Design Awards is the User’s Choice Award. Our panel of esteemed judges didn’t dictate the winner of this prize; you did. JotForm users, friends, and family all joined together to vote up the form design they liked best by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

    This was a chance for our users to have their voices heard by choosing the best form design, created with JotForm’s new Form Designer.
    Users Choice Award
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