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  • A Christmas Gift from JotForm: Sub labels for everyone

  • New Shiny My Forms Released!

    November 11, 2010
    We are very excited to release a new and improved version of JotForm's My Forms page. Whether you have hundreds of forms or just a few, the new My Forms screen will help you find things quickly, and get on with your busy day.

  • We are happy to announce the new version of our code for facebook forms. Most importantly, now your facebook forms can now have validations. For example, you can now have required fields on facebook forms or check if an email addresses is entered correctly.

  • As a founder, my no 1 priority is to learn from ourcustomers. Day in and day out, customer support allows me to listen toour users. I am experiencing how our users are doing. What is troublingthem and what is helping them. There is no way to see these things on areport written by a customer support temp.
  • On Quickness

    October 12, 2010
    We always emphasize the importance of making things easier but I think "quickness" is probably a more useful term for practical purposes. If something can be learned quickly, it is probably easy. If you can create your form and set it up on your web site quickly, then it must be also easy to use. You can't have a slow web app that is also easy to use. If it is slow, it is not easy. It is painful.
  • On JotForm, we never delete any data or forms when someone downgrades. We are happy to keep our users data even when they decide to downgrade. Here is why...
  • Spice up your forms today by adding an image on it. It has just got easier with new options. We have just added a new Image Wizard which makes it both easy to add images to your forms. You can now upload images or use one of the existing images from your gallery to use on any of the forms.

  • JotForm was previously featured on Palm Breeze CAFE. They have a new episode on how to use JotForm for educational forms. If you are a teacher you should not miss Palm Breeze CAFE. Enjoy the show!

  • JotForm Reports are great when you need to:

    1. Share form response data with your clients or colleagues in a format such as Excel,
    2. Create great looking and printable reports with charts,
    3. Export your data in any format,
    4. Add form responses on your web site,
    5. Bookmark your form responses.

    We have been receiving many requests to improve them. As a result we have made numerous improvements.

  • Yes, that’s right, on a slow day, we release 10 new versions of JotForm. It may sound too brave (or stupid) to have so many releases for a service that has 300k users. Fortunately, today there are so many great tools which make this possible and even safe. The secret is having a system that runs hundreds of tests and deploys software on servers. All being done automatically in a matter of minutes.

  • JotForm is currently used on many educational institutions. Here are some examples:
    -  Leiden University in Netherlands, Ithaca College, Wheaton College and University of Minnesota uses JotForm Application to provide a form builder on their intranet.
    - The School District of Palm Beach County's department of educational technology uses Jotform for workshop registrations, feedback, and user requests.
    -  Agama Yoga School uses Jotform to take reservations and process payments for Yoga workshops.
    - Worksheets are Forms video describes how teachers can use JotForm for homeworks.

    Students at Purdue University recently has done a great research on how JotForm is currently being used and potential applications for it. I especially liked their in-depth thoughts about educational uses of JotForm. I would like to share parts of the research with you here.

  • JotForm in Two Minutes

    July 27, 2010
    Here is a short two-minute movie about JotForm. Please help us spread the news about JotForm by sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

  • Adding forms on your Facebook pages is very easy using JotForm. Using JotForm’s drag and drop form builder tool, you can create a form in minutes and plug it on a Facebook page.  

    Facebook, with its 500 million users, is now probably largest marketplace in the world. Businesses rush to create their fan pages. I was reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush It” last weekend. He recommends Facebook to all entrepreneurs as a great place to build their personal brands.
  • When we were getting ready to release the new version of JotForm, we really wanted to hear from our beta users. We needed an easy way for them to let us know about the problems they encounter or suggestions they might have without leaving the form builder. So, we wanted to have one of those cool feedback buttons that show up on the side of the web sites. We searched for a solution, but existing products didn’t do what we wanted.
  • Yesterday wasn’t an ordinary day for us the JotForm team. I woke up with a "JotForm Down!" SMS message. JotForm load balancer was gone. At first I thought this would be a load balancer hardware or software issue. It turned out that we were under attack by thousands of zombie computers in China. To our amazement it was a massive DDoS attack.
  • We released the new version of JotForm recently. There has been mixed emotions among users. Some were not happy with the change. Their concern was totally understandable. Why mess with a product that’s already great? Why should they need to re-learn a tool they were so used to? Some users literally have hundreds of forms. They have invested great deal of time on this tool. A user who has over 400 forms asked me why change something that was already great. Why mess with something that is not broken? I think that’s an important question. I’d like to address this question in this post.
  • One of the most popular features of JotForm is to be able to share form responses with others. Many JotFormmers use this feature to create online bookmarkable reports to share with their clients and colleagues. 

    Embarrassingly we failed to understand how popular these features were. We introduced a new reporting tool which was good for one specific type of reports. Boy, were we wrong big time. We were blasted with many angry emails which brought us back to our senses. Although this new reporting tool was good for some minority of users this was a huge step backwards for most users. Our users wanted to simply create an online Excel spreadsheet and send the link to their client or bookmark it on their boss' computer.

    I am happy to announce that shareable reports are back in business. To create a new sharable report, select one of your forms on "My Forms" page and then click on "Reports", and choose "Add New Report".
  • Shopify is a highly customizable online store builder. You can now easily integrate
    your JotForm forms with your Shopify checkout process.

  • JotForm 3.0 Unleashed!

    April 19, 2010
    After 1.5 years of development, we have released JotForm 3.0. JotForm 3.0 is a complete re-write of JotForm web form builder. JotForm is important because it is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. It currently has over 250,000 users. JotForm made creating web forms easy and quick. Using a web browser anybody can create web forms easily.

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