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  • Yesterday’s Wishbox Launch was probably the most fun we have ever had on a software release. Wishbox was featured on Techcrunch, TheNextWeb and stayed on the first page of Hacker News for a long time. We welcomed 20,000 new visitors on our site from them. But, here is the fun part: We have been receiving constant stream of funny screenshots from people who tried the Wishbox. 

  • Getting people to send a screenshot with their feedback is a good idea. But, we thought why stop there? Why not let users annotate these screenshots with text and draw arrows on it? Let them have some fun, and show you the problem, instead of trying to describe it. 

    The result is an amazing new way to get feedback: Wishbox

  • Wishbox is the Coolest

    November 01, 2011
    We started running Wisbox Beta with a small group of users. Here are some comments we received from them:

    "works really great."

    "As much as I don't care what people think about my site because its PERFECT .. i did it! I think its awesome feature that worked wonderful when I tried it. Thanks Jotform! "

    "I love it. It will help so much on my site. To collect information about new features that people want."

    We loved this visual one best. Thanks Noah!

    wishbox feedback

  • How to A/B Test Web Forms

    October 26, 2011
    A/B testing is a great way to improve the response rates of your forms. It can really affect your bottom line if you have lead generation or event registration forms. JotForm is the quickest way to create web forms, and it turns out you can easily A/B test these forms without breaking a sweat. In this tutorial, we will see how to A/B test a form in minutes.
  • How would you like to become a beta tester for our new product? We are only weeks away from releasing "Wishbox", a  new way to collect feedback online, and we’d like to get your feedback. 

    So, what is Wishbox? Imagine if you could get your web site visitors to print your web page, draw on it, write down what they think about it and send it back to you. 

  • One of the most popular features of JotForm is integration with payment gateways. It takes only few minutes to create an order form and post it on your site. Your order forms can be for a product, event registration, membership subscription or donation. 

    We looked at the data to see which payment gateways are more popular. Our criteria was to look for number active payment forms that received payments recently. 

  • About DDoS Attack on Friday

    September 19, 2011
    On September 19th, Friday, 3:30 EST. We were hit by a massive DDoS attack. Read on to find out what happened, what we have learned from it and what we have done about it. 
  • Bet you don't know many of the features listed below! If you do know most of these then you must be a JotForm pro! For the rest of us, let's take a look at them in our path to JotForm nirvana. 
  • Most people have a Facebook account these days. Heck, even JotForm has one. :) What if you could take advantage of that to shorten your forms? Facebook already has information about users such as name, email address, gender, date of birth, about, location and picture. Using Facebook API we could easily pull this information from Facebook. All a user needs to do is to click an "Allow" button.
  • Find out how JotForm Support Team works. What kind of tools we use and how we make sure to answer questions quickly.
  • What is the biggest difference between an online store and a brick-and-mortar store? Other than on one you can shop with your underpants? I'd say the biggest difference is that on a brick-and-mortar store you can get feedback much easily. Shoppers will tell you when you are missing an item they are looking for, or you will know how they feel about things by just looking at their faces or how they behave. Maybe they will just look at the price tags and will leave. Maybe they will smile when they see a particular product. These things are very valuable feedback and you don't get them on an online store.
  • Collecting files from your customers can be a very exhausting experience, especially if they are coming from all around the world, in massive amounts. Today, we just wanted to point out how Jotform can improve your and your customers' experience without causing a mess. Here is the list:

    1. Upload Spaces Increased 10x for All Users
    2. Maximum Upload Size Limit Increased to 1GB
    3. Dropbox Integration with Your Forms
    4. Multiple File Uploads
    5. Drag and Drop File Uploads
    6. Upload Files while Filling a Form
    7. Progress Bar on File Uploads
    8. FTP Integration with your Forms
  • Facebook Live is hosting President Obama today in a Townhall event at the company’s Palo Alto headquarters in CA. How does this relate to us? It turns out that Facebook Marketing Team decided to use Jotform to power up the “Ask a Question” button right below the live video feed.
  • We’re happy to announce that it is now possible to connect your Jotform forms with your Dropbox account. You can access your uploaded files instantly on your computer or mobile phone.
  • For your convenience, our JotForm User Guide is now available in PDF format. Although the graphics are not as clear as the online version, they are still usable.

  • We're excited to announce new features that make it is easy to upload multiple files on your forms. Previously, you had to add many upload fields to your form to get files from your users. Now, you can convert your existing upload fields to let users send multiple files at once.
  • Great news for all JotForm users today! After our recent switch to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for file storage, our bill for keeping uploaded files has decreased dramatically. We also spend considerably less amount of time with managing servers and storage devices for uploads. We wanted to pass these savings back to you. That’s why, effective today, we are increasing limits for all users.

  • Hello Friends! No, this is not a new feature announcement. Sometimes, all you need to do is to combine tiny bits of functionality to come up with your own features. One of our users has come up with a great way to speed up the time it takes to create forms. Today, I wanted to share his recipe with all.
  • Beware: Feedback buttons are highly addictive! :)  We have recently started including a feedback button with every major change we make on our site. It has been a smashing hit.

    One of the most exciting features on the new Embed Form Wizard we have just released is advanced customizability on Feedback Buttons and Lightbox Forms.

  • We are very happy to announce the launch of our new Embed Form Wizard. You can now get your forms on popular web editors, blogs and social media pages easily.

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