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3 Widgets That Will Save Your Form Visitor Time

April 28, 2015

Form creators should try to seek a delicate balance between collecting all of the needed information and making sure that the form visitor completes the form all the way through. To achieve the highest conversion rate possible, the form must be concise. Especially for more time-consuming and intensive forms, every form field that lacks an excellent user experience risks abandonment. Luckily, JotForm offers 382 widgets that can make your form better. Here are some highlighted widgets that can save you time.

Date Picker

Instead of having visitors type in the date, or have to manually select different drop-downs for month, day, and year, let them make the selection in one swift click. The date picker collapses into a calendar where the user can select a date, and they can also browse through different months as well. This widget allows you to select your desired date format.

JotForm calendar

Auto Complete

If a form field has numerous entry options, it may make sense to use the auto-complete widget. It features an auto-complete field that provides suggestions while you type into the field. This saves time as visitors can type and quickly complete the field instead of scanning a dropdown list of dozens of entries.

Dynamic Textbox

Sometimes the answer you’re looking for may be more open ended than typical form field choices like multiple choice or a drop-down menu allow. If you are collecting a list, sometimes you may not be sure how many text boxes you may need. The dynamic text box widget simplifies your form by allowing visitors to add more responses to a question. You can customize how many text boxes you’d like automatically created when your form is opened, and the visitor has the option of adding more by clicking on the “add more” button.

JotForm’s widgets have been used over one million times! People love tried and true widgets as well as brand new ways to make their forms the best, and most efficient, that they can be.

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  • johnrs11

    What about cart abandonment.

    Shouldn't this be a top five CONCERN?

    We are forgetting that forms are meant to be completed.

    Follow through using cart abandonment details need to be first priority in form completion.