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Announcing JotForm’s Safe Harbor Certification

April 09, 2015
Update- in early Oct 2015, the Safe Harbor construct was nullified. All US companies are affected by this. In response, JotForm is now offering its users the opportunity to transfer and store all their data exclusively in Europe. Please see our EU Safe Forms post for further details.

JotForm users in Europe will be pleased to hear that we are now US-EU Safe Harbor certified. These important standards of the EU regulate the collection, use, and retention of personal information. We’ve always kept your data safe. Now we have the formalized credentials.

JotForm Safe Harbor Certified

This important step in JotForm’s continued commitment to users makes JotForm the online form builder of choice for those requiring Safe Harbor certification. European and non European users alike can enjoy JotForm’s free online form builder, knowing their data is safe and secure.

Established in 2000 by the United State Department of Commerce and the European Commission, the Safe Harbor program defines a method for transferring personal information from the EU to companies in the United States. By becoming certified, JotForm is committed to upholding privacy standards for personal information. These standard are more comprehensive than current US privacy standards.

safe harbor

Here's our abbreviated version of the seven Safe Harbor Principles. Please see the Safe Harbor Website for the full legalese:

Notice - Let users know why you're collecting their information, what you plan on doing with it, how they can contact you regarding questions, what third parties you may disclose it to, and how users can opt out of limiting its use and disclosure.

Choice - Let users have the option to opt out of their info being shared with third parties or other unintended purposes.

Onward Transfer - If disclosing info to a third party, organizations must also adhere to the Safe Harbor principles.

Access - Users can access, update, and delete their info.

Security - Don't lose the data we've been entrusted to!

Data integrity- Use the most updated version of personal information so it's relevant for the purpose it's intended.

Enforcement - If you have any questions with our Safe Harbor adherence, please contact us first. If for whatever reason it's not resolved, JotForm designated a third party intermediary to help resolve any concerns.

Our Safe Harbor certification notice can also be found in our Privacy Policy. Here we are in the official listing!

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