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Users Choice Award Goes To...

December 17, 2014
One of the most anticipated awards in the Web Form Design Awards is the User’s Choice Award. Our panel of esteemed judges didn’t dictate the winner of this prize; you did. JotForm users, friends, and family all joined together to vote up the form design they liked best by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

This was a chance for our users to have their voices heard by choosing the best form design, created with JotForm’s new Form Designer.

We are pleased to announce Donna Navarrete as the winner of the User’s Choice Award!

Users Choice Award Winner

Thank you all for participating in the Web Form Design Awards. We’re not done yet, though! Stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of the overall contest winner with the Best Form Design!

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  • TitusN

    Three Cheers!

  • Donna

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Aquades, yes there were some "impure?" votes, but the JotForm team did their very best to make sure to uphold the integrity of their voting system. Believe me, I know :-)

  • aytekin

    aquades: We did check the votes carefully before announcing the winner. We also disqualified some nominees because of vote cheating.

  • aquades

    Congratulations! Although there are some doubts about the purity of the votes ;)
    Sorry if I'm wrong.

  • EltonCris